Are you ready to help Indiana lead the way in breastfeeding support? So are we! Here's how...

At Coffective, we believe communities that work together are much more effective. We will provide tools to help the Indiana Breastfeeding Community do just that! The breastfeeding strategy, which has been developed over the last two years with significant insight from national, state and local leaders, focuses on key objectives:

  • Developing Continuity

    Developing Continuity

  • Influencing Stakeholders

    Influencing Stakeholders

  • Connecting to Resources

    Connecting to Resources

  • Personalized Mobile App

    Personalized Mobile App

These are big, exciting goals!

Luckily, we have a clear, six-phase strategy and amazing collaborators.


Rallying the Troops!

We’re thrilled with the initial response to the initiative! During this phase, we will continue to identify organizations and individuals interested in joining the effort. We will choose our six pilot communities based on where there’s interest!

Phase One is focused on taking inventory of:
- Existing breastfeeding support
- State and local breastfeeding champions
- Best practices in the field. // Next Phase >

Phase 1


Breastfeeding is Local!

In order to develop tools and technology that will coordinate care, we must go into the community. Coffective will coordinate local networking events in six communities.

In Phase Two, communities will:
- Allow stakeholders to learn about each others’ services
- Identify opportunities to improve continuity of care
- Have their efforts captured by a professional photographer. // Next Phase >

Phase 2


Smile Indiana! The Spotlight is On You

We will be relaunching the Coffective website with information for a wide range of stakeholders, so others can learn from you and replicate your success.

In Phase Three, will:
- Explain why & how everyone can support breastfeeding
- Display local resources in the pilot communities
- Allow resources in other parts of the state to enter their information in the resource database // Next Phase >

Phase 3


Replicate Success Across the State

With lessons learned from the pilot communities and a relaunched website, we will be ready to take the initiative state wide!

In Phase Four, word will spread via:
- The dissemination of toolkits that will help local champions replicate the work completed in pilot communities
- An extensive social marketing strategy that make it easy for supporters to spread the word through their network
- Host networking events to facilitate local coordination efforts // Next Phase >

Phase 4


Let’s Get Mobile

Now that the community is working together, its time to give moms the information they need, in the palms of their hands!

In Phase Five, we will launch the mobile app that will help Mom:
- Learn from and be motivated by mothers in similar situations
- Prepare her to request and receive evidence based practices based on her hospital’s offerings
- Connect with community resources
- Engage family & friends // Next Phase >

Phase 5


Coordinate Off-line Messages

Can you imagine the day when moms hear the same information about breastfeeding from everyone they trust? We can!

In Phase Six, our pilot communities will help us:
- Develop & test educational tools that help busy stakeholders have a positive impact with minimal time or effort
- Create complimentary printed materials for those will limited access to technology
- Coordinate & achieve consistency across all resources

Phase 6

Collaborators: Working together to effect change

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